Invitation for Public Comment


November 23, 1998

Under the Propane Education & Research Council's new grant review process, the public is invited to comment on funding requests received by the Council. The November 23 through December 24 comment period marks the first of four annual public review phases.

'There is tremendous value in receiving public and industry input on funding requests because it gives the Council additional information needed to properly evaluate each grant," said Council President Roy Willis.

The four annual grant review cycles will be scheduled in relationship with Council meetings. For example, funding requests received by January 15, 1999 will be considered at the June 1999.

What follows is a summary of the funding requests that will be considered at the Council's March 1999 meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. Copies of individual funding requests can be obtained by calling 202-452-8975. Comments (including the docket #) should be submitted in writing no later than December 24, 1998 to:

Propane Education & Research Council Attention: Public Comment 1776 K Street, N.W., Suite 204 Washington, D.C. 20006 Invitation for Public Comment on Funding Requests


Submission Deadline: December 24, 1998

10018 Grant (Safety & Education) Applicant: The Training Connection LLC Short Title: Enhancement of Certified Propane Computer-Based Training Amount Requested: $90,610 Summary: Proposes to upgrade existing certified propane computer-based training programs by adding four new master subjects (OSHA compliance, EPA compliance, appliance installation, and office personnel training.)

10031 Grant (Safety & Training) Applicant: American Society of Advanced Fuels Technology, Inc. Short Title: Training Products and Services for LPG Off-Road Material Handling, Maintenance and Specialty Equipment Amount Requested: $610,400 (over 2 years) Summary: A two-year project to develop a curriculum and training materials for forklift, industrial trucks, scissor jacks, ice re-surfacers, floor sweepers/cleaners and specialty stationary equipment, such as agriculture pumps and generators. Project goal is to create a modularized, nationally recognized training package to cover operation, safety, maintenance, repair and emissions testing and corrective actions. Target audiences are equipment operators, maintenance/repair technicians, fleet managers, sales and service personnel in LPG distributorships, and vocational training instructors and students.

10032 Grant (Safety & Training) Applicant: National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) Short Title: Employee Compliance CD-ROM: Hazardous Materials Regulations Training Amount Requested: $240,733 Summary: The proposal includes development and distribution of a computer-based training program (CD-ROM) to assist industry in meeting mandated federal hazardous materials employee training regulations. According to NPGA, the proposal was prepared in response to ongoing requests for such a program.