New Propane Education & Research Council Opens Headquarters in Washington, DC

August 27, 1998

Washington, DC: The Propane Education & Research Council announced the opening of its new office in the nation's capital. The address is:1776 K Street, NW, Suite 204, Washington, D.C. 20006

The Propane Education & Research Council is governed by a 21-member board appointed by the National Propane Gas Association and the Gas Processors Association. The Council is dedicated to promoting the safe, efficient use of propane as a preferred energy source.

Propane is a clean-burning fuel and is one of the nation's most versatile sources of energy. Propane is used by more than 60 million Americans for heating and cooling homes, cooking, refrigeration, drying clothes, heating water, barbecues, lighting and even gas fireplaces. It is a leading alternative fuel for automobiles and trucks. Propane is widely used for forklifts and other special-duty vehicles and engines. It has many recreational, industrial, agriculture and commercial applications.

'The creation of the Propane Council marks a new commitment by the industry to the American people and to the future," said Council President Roy Willis. 'Through the Council, the propane industry has committed itself to a multi-year, multi-million dollar effort to improve consumer and employee safety, to fund research and development of new and more efficient propane equipment, and to expand public awareness of propane and its many uses and environmental advantages," Willis said.

Congress passed the Propane Education and Research Act (PERA) in 1996, which authorized the creation of the Council. The following year, the industry conducted a referendum among propane producers and marketers, who overwhelmingly approved the formation of the Council.

The Council is funded by an assessment or 'check-off' on each gallon of propane gas, made at the time of odorization. Currently, the assessment is one-tenth of one cent per gallon. The 'check-off' program is expected to collect eight million dollars in 1998 to fund programs and projects.

To date, the Council has approved several grant requests, including two that are focused on safety. One project will develop and distribute informational materials to consumers and propane marketers about a new technology (overfilling prevention devices) that is required on propane cylinders made after September 30, 1998. The Council also funded a request by the National Propane Gas Association to develop a comprehensive emergency response curriculum and training materials that will be provided to every fire department in the country.

The new Council staff includes Roy Willis, president; Kate Hutcheons-Caskin, vice president of communications; Keveney Furst, director of industry relations; Tamika Smith, director of administration; and Tonja Brooks, administrative assistant.

The next Council meeting is October 6, 1998 in Baltimore, Maryland.