US Department of Energy Awards Propane Education & Research Council $250,000 for Auto Test Projects

Announcement Made at National Clean Cities Conference


May 24, 1999

Washington D.C: The Propane Education & Research Council (Propane Council) was awarded $250,000 from the US Department of Energy (DoE) to fund several propane vehicle demonstration projects. DoE made the announcement this week at the National Clean Cities Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

'This award represents a giant step forward in the propane industry's recent efforts to recapture market share that has been lost in motor fuels over the last decade,' said Propane Council President Roy Willis.

'These funds are the first significant dollars the propane industry has ever received from a federal agency,' said Joe Colaneri, executive director of the Propane Vehicle Council, who has been chosen to manage the Propane Vehicle Demonstration Grant Program.

The propane industry's goal is to triple and possibly quadruple the Council's initial investment of $350,000 by seeking matching funds from potential partners in the project.

The purpose of the demonstration program is to identify and make public the air quality benefits of propane, reduce foreign oil imports, expand the awareness of propane as an alternative transportation fuel, and demonstrate the performance of auto manufactured vehicles. Targeted projects include infrastructure development, airport applications, school buses, and other highly visible projects that could be modeled nationally.

The DoE grant is one of several awards given through the DoE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy/Office of Transportation Technologies. If interested in applying for this program, applicants must provide a 40% match and be a Clean Cities stakeholder or partner with a local Clean Cities program. The grant program will be used to fund 3-5 propane demonstration projects. Applications are being accepted through the end of July.

The Propane Council is dedicated to promoting the safe use of propane gas as a preferred energy source through consumer education, safety and research projects. The 21-member Council was authorized by the Propane Education and Research Act of 1996 and created by industry referendum in 1997. Programs and projects are funded by an assessment or check-off on every gallon of odorized propaneîone-tenth of one cent per gallon. Collections amount to $8.6 million in 1998.

For more information about the grant process, contact the Propane Council at 202-452-8975.