Propane Council Elects New Team of Officers Issues Proposed 2000 Budget for Public Comment
Approves More Funding to Promote Major Safety Initiative


 July 22, 1999

Election of Officers. The Propane Education & Research Council met in Dallas this week (July 20) where it elected new officers to serve one-year terms.

Chairman, Daryl McClendon, Platinum Propane, Hinsdale, Illinois
Vice Chairman/Marketers, Thomas Nunan, Suburban Propane, San Marcos, California
Vice Chairman/Producers, Bob Jackson, Carrera Gas Co., Tulsa, Oklahoma
Treasurer, Walter Cressman, Cress Gas Co., Richlandtown, Pennsylvania (re-elected) Secretary, David Lugar, Conoco, Inc., Houston, Texas

Following the elections, Council members acknowledged and thanked Milford Therrell (chairman-1997-1999) and Glenn Miller (vice chairman-1997-1999) for their dedication in creating the Council and serving on the first Council. Therrell is considered by many in the propane industry as the father of 'PERC.'

2000 Budget. The Council approved a proposed budget for calendar year 2000 totaling $10.2 million. By law, the Council is required to make the proposed budget available for public comment by August 1. The document can be found on the Council's web Copies of the budget can be obtained via fax by calling 202-452-8975. Submit comments in writing no later than October 1, 1999 to:

Propane Education & Research Council
Attention: Budget
1776 K Street, NW., Suite 204
Washington, DC 20006
202-452-9054 (fax)

Funding Requests
The Council approved two funding requests and one state rebate.

Propane Emergencies Grassroots Promotional Campaign (Docket # 10136)-The Council approved a second round of funding ($267,500) to support a comprehensive grassroots mobilization effort to coincide with the release of the Propane Emergencies training materials. The promotional effort includes a grassroots activation phone bank, local and national media relations, training seminars at firefighter conferences, and industry coordination efforts.

The purpose of the emergency response training program is to train America's firefighters on the best way to handle propane emergencies. Firefighters who have reviewed the program are calling on other industries to use the propane program as a model for what they can do. Fifty thousand textbooks are being distributed later this month and in August to every fire department and every propane marketer in the country. The aggressive promotional effort is designed to get the word out nationwide that the propane industry is going the extra mile to make communities safer.

Forklift Summit Sponsorship (Docket # 10137)-The Council approved funding ($10,000) to support the development and execution of the National Propane Gas Association's Forklift Summit to be held in conjunction with the Northeast Convention in September 1999.

Colorado State Rebate (Docket # 10135)-The Council approved funding totaling $11,729.97 to support Colorado initiatives, including employee training for all propane marketers in Colorado and brochures with safety and product information aimed at consumers.

Next Meeting. The Council's next meeting is September 20-21 in Washington, D.C.

The Propane Education & Research Council is an organization dedicated to promoting the safe use of propane as a preferred energy source through consumer education, safety and research projects. The 21-member Council was authorized by the Propane Education and Research Act of 1996 and created by industry referendum in 1997. The Council is funded by an assessment or 'check-off' on each gallon of odorized propane gas. Currently, the assessment is one-tenth of one cent per gallon. The 'check-off' program collected $8.6 million dollars in 1998 to fund programs and projects.