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    Press Releases

    Be Safe While Preparing for Y2K Possibilities
    Dec 30, 1999

    Propane Council Explores New and Creative Ways to Increase Propane Consumption in America
    Dec 9, 1999

    Largest Propane Vehicle Initiative Kicks Off $342,000 Awarded for Vehicle Demonstration Projects, Marking First-of-its Kind Program for the Propane Industry
    Nov 24, 1999

    Off-Road Equipment Demonstration Projects
    Nov 5, 1999

    It's Beginning to Look A Lot like Winter
    Nov 1, 1999

    Prepare Your Home for Winter During Fire Prevention Week (October 3-9)
    Oct 1, 1999

    Propane Council Approves Major Funding Requests
    Sep 24, 1999

    New Training Program Douses Propane Worries
    Sep 17, 1999

    Propane Industry to Distribute New Training Program to Every Fire Department in the United States
    Jul 26, 1999

    Propane Council Elects New Team of Officers Issues Proposed 2000 Budget for Public Comment
    Jul 22, 1999

    Upcoming Council Meetings Funding Request Deadlines
    Jul 8, 1999

    Propane Council Invites Industry to Serve on Advisory Committees
    Jun 17, 1999

    Propane Education & Research Council Launches PR Program, Puts Research and Training Plans in Place; Funds Projects, Nominates Officers
    Jun 17, 1999

    New Propane Safety Device on the Menu for this Summer's Cookout Season
    Jun 1, 1999

    Invitation for Public Comment: May 28-June 28
    May 28, 1999

    Invitation for Public Comment: September 13-October 12
    May 28, 1999

    US Department of Energy Awards Propane Education & Research Council $250,000 for Auto Test Projects
    May 24, 1999

    Mark Your Calendars: 1999 Meetings Notice
    Mar 23, 1999

    Propane Council Raises $8.6 Million in 1998
    Feb 25, 1999

    Meeting Notice, Trade Shows Update
    Feb 19, 1999

    Propane Council Announces 1999 Meeting Dates
    Feb 9, 1999

    Propane Gas: A Versatile, Efficient and Environmentally Sound Farm Fuel
    Feb 9, 1999

    Propane is a Safe, Reliable, Cost-Effective Fuel for Irrigation Systems
    Feb 9, 1999

    Commercial / Industrial HVAC
    Jan 25, 1999

    Energy for the New Millennium
    Jan 15, 1999

    Propane Gas Offers Flexibility and Control Builders Seek
    Jan 15, 1999

    Will Fuel Cells Down Electric Power Lines Permanently?
    Jan 5, 1999