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    Invitation for Public Comment On Specific Funding Requests

    January 7, 2000

    Under the Propane Education & Research Council's grant review process, the public is invited to comment on funding requests received by the Council.

    The grant review cycles are scheduled in relationship with Council meetings. Funding requests under review during this comment period will be considered by the Council at its March 30-31 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

    What follows are summaries of the funding requests. Copies of individual funding requests can be obtained by calling 202-452-8975. Comments (including the docket #) should be submitted in writing no later than February 7, 2000 to:

    Propane Education & Research Council
    Attention: Public Comment
    1776 K Street, N.W., Suite 204
    Washington, D.C. 20006
    202-452-9054 (fax)


    Docket: 10235 Grant (Research & Development)
    Applicant: Propane Vehicle Council
    Short Title: Propane Fuel Quality and Specification Review Project
    Amount Requested: $50,000.00
    Total Costs: $50,000.00
    Summary: Project will review current standards and practices surrounding propane fuel quality; issues of concern to engine, vehicle, fuel system and appliance/equipment manufacturers; investigation of feasibility of developing an extensive joint-funded research project to determine what impact various mixtures have on the emissions and performance of engines and equipment; the effectiveness of additives in improving performance and emissions; and the effect given fuel specifications may have on overall supply and distribution.


    Docket: 10236 Grant (Consumer Education)
    Applicant: Midwest Propane Gas Association, Inc.
    Short Title: Propane-The Environmentally Friendly Energy Source
    Amount Requested: $351,180.00
    Total Costs: $351,180.00
    Summary: The applicant proposes to create an original multimedia program to educate middle and secondary school students, teachers, families, and communities about the benefits of propane as an environmentally friendly energy source. Beyond school and classroom use, the program will serve as an outreach program for propane dealers to use in community organizations. The program would include: 10-minute video designed to meet national curriculum standards for grades 7-12; school video package, including the video and an accompanying brochure with guidelines for classroom use; outreach notebook with recommended outreach procedures for local propane dealers. The notebook will include a model public relations campaign, tools for program presentation, and evaluation tools, interactive web site-including educational games for kids and links to other educational resources for kids, teachers, and families-and evaluation survey and report.


    Docket: 10237 Grant (Research & Development)
    Applicant: Delta Liquid Energy/Clean Fueling Technologies
    Short Title: Vineyard Co-Generation Project
    Amount Requested: $41,000.00
    Total Costs: $41,000.00
    Summary: Project will include installation of (1) Capstone Micro-Turbine with a waste heat recovery module. The CMT will provide base load power for winery press operation and utilize the generated waste heat as the primary heat source for the fermentation tank (glycol tank). If the hot water gpm requirement exceeds 17 gpm output from the CMT, the existing boiler system will provide the make-up volume.


    Docket: 10238 Grant (Research & Development)
    Applicant: Clean Fueling Technologies
    Short Title: LCity Owned Utility Mobile Power Plan
    Amount Requested: $100,000.00
    Total Costs: $195,800.00
    Summary: To show the viability of Micro Turbine Generator Technology providing required emergency electrical back-up power for City of Georgetown, Texas wastewater plant and utilized as peak shave for the Georgetown City grid. Possible application for waste heat recovery for various applications within the water treatment plant. According to the applicant, this will also allow Georgetown to maintain market share by controlling its own power generating source and utilizing this flexible mobile power source beyond the mains.


    Docket: 10239 Grant ( Safety & Training)
    Applicant: Illinois Propane Gas Association and LFR Levine-Fricke
    Short Title: Self-Assessment Workbook and Resource Guide for Propane Industry Safety and Regulatory Compliance
    Amount Requested: $146,754.00
    Total Costs: $154,434.00
    Summary: The purpose of this funding request is to outline a project that will benefit the propane industry and promote the use of propane as a fuel by enhancing employee safety and training about propane, informing the public about safety, and providing a benefit to distributors and end users including the agriculture industry. There is general consensus that improvements to the propane industry's health and safety programs are needed in the following areas: (1) regulatory compliance, (2) safety awareness, (3) training, (4) developing criteria for measuring safety improvements, (5) collecting propane release incident statistics, (6) reporting and record keeping systems, and (7) informing and educating the public. This project will focus on an extensive evaluation of regulatory compliance and safety issues and document necessary improvement in the other areas. This project is one of the several major steps that will be needed to develop a comprehensive industry-wide health and safety program. The result of this effort will be a Self-Assessment Workbook and Resource Guide (Workbook).

    The Workbook will be used by individual propane marketers and distributors as well as industrial, commercial, and agricultural propane users to evaluate the safety of their propane operations. The Workbook will provide comprehensive support to propane workers for the improvement of facility health and safety programs and better management of risk. The Workbook will include easy-to-use worksheets and guides for collecting information and assessing site operations. The Workbook will contain useful information on regulatory requirements and industry guidance materials to assess compliance requirements or work practices than can improve facility health and safety programs. The self-assessment approach will provide an effective means for increasing awareness of safety, and encourage continued improvement of emergency response, accident prevention and training programs. Increased use of safe practices and awareness of safety issues will result in improved safety records for the industry as a whole, which in turn, will help enhance the image and perception of the industry and help promote the use of propane as a safe fuel.


    Docket: 10240 Grant (Consumer Education)
    Applicant: Propane Education & Research Council Short Title: Crisis Communications/Media Training Program for Propane Industry
    Amount Requested: $50,000
    Total Costs: $50,000
    Summary: The purpose of the proposed project is to develop a media training program for members of the propane industry through the Propane Education & Research Council. The program would give industry members an opportunity to learn how to effectively communicate with the community via the media if a mishap or accident were to occur involving their company or organization. The proposal calls for the development of four crisis communications/media training meetings at locations (to be determined) around the country.