Propane Education & Research Council asks for Industry's Help with Completion of Propane Industry Statistical Survey

“Confidential” Survey to be mailed week of August 22


August 14, 2000

Washington, D.C. - The Propane Education & Research Council (Propane Council) is calling on all propane marketers to complete a propane industry statistical survey, which will be arriving in their mail later this month. "I know your time is invaluable but the information you provide is vitally important," writes Propane Council President Roy Willis in a letter to the industry.
For the first time in several years, the Propane Council, with industry support, has commissioned an outside firm, Pennsylvania-based Market Analytics, to write and distribute the confidential survey as well as to tabulate the results. The benchmark survey is important because it will:

  • Help the Propane Council design and measure the effectiveness of programs and initiatives.
  • Help guide industry efforts to develop sensible, cost-effective initiatives.
  • Provide responses to regulatory and policy proposals.
  • Provide a means to gauge your business against others in the industry.
  • The eight-page survey includes 51 questions covering the following categories-- customer, organization, truck/fleet, employee training and consumer education. Market Analytics estimates that it will take each company approximately two hours to complete the survey.

Industry members should also know that the survey is strictly confidential. "No member of the Council, its staff, competitors in the industry or government agency will see the information. Once it is tabulated, the individual company information will be destroyed," says Willis.

The full report will NOT be published in any trade journal or made available elsewhere, and you will get a copy of the report only if you respond to the survey. Market Analytics will maintain strict control over the information and will report only aggregate data.

"It is an investment worth making," added Willis. "In the process of responding you will collect information about your company and you will have a comparison of your business with the rest of the industry."

The survey should be completed and mailed to Market Analytics no later than October 6, 2000. Detailed survey and submission information will be included in the mailing. If you have any questions about the survey, call Stan Hunter, president, Market Analytics, at (610) 667-9625.