Advantages of Propane for Buyers, Builders of Manufactured Homes Highlighted


September 25, 2001

Washington, D.C.—September 25, 2001— The Propane Education & Research Council (Council) this month unveiled a series of new content sections on its Web site — — in a continuing effort to provide homeowners and businesses with important information about the many advantages of using clean-burning, reliable, efficient propane to meet their energy needs.

Two primary sections cover issues related to manufactured housing. The first addresses issues important to industry representatives, including manufacturers, dealers, marketers and others involved in the production and sale of manufactured homes. Topics in this section include an industry overview, benefits of propane, safety, and detailed information on propane appliances and equipment available for manufactured homes.

The second major section focuses on issues of interest to homeowners, such as the advantages of using propane appliances like furnaces, water heaters, ovens, ranges, clothes dryers, grills, and fireplaces. It also describes the process of obtaining propane service.

“The manufactured housing industry represents an important partner in the propane industry’s quest to increase the safe use of propane," said Roy Willis, Council president. “Manufactured home builders and buyers have questions about energy needs and choices. Now they have a new place to look for information related specifically to propane use in manufactured homes,” added Willis. "The propane industry is confident that, as the strong case for propane use is made, that more builders will recommend and more buyers will select propane for their energy needs.”

The Web site upgrade is part of the propane industry’s campaign to increase its 21 percent share of the manufactured housing market through initiatives implemented in partnership with the manufactured housing industry.

The Council was authorized by the U.S. Congress with the passage of the Propane Education and Research Act signed into law on October 11, 1996. The mission of the Council is to promote the safe, efficient use of propane as a preferred energy source through investments in research, safety and consumer education initiatives.