Replaces Electric in Manufactured Home Display After 10 Years


October 11, 2001

RALEIGH, NC (October 11, 2001)—Propane – the affordable, efficient, safe, clean, portable, trusted and reliable energy source – features prominently at the 2001 North Carolina State Fair, as the long-standing model home display for the first time in its 10-year history uses propane as its energy source, replacing electricity.

The home, co-sponsored by the Propane Education & Research Council, the North Carolina Propane Gas Association and the North Carolina Manufactured Housing Institute, is expected to host more than 80,000 visitors during the 10-day State Fair. Visitors will see not only the attractiveness and quality craftsmanship of the home itself, but will also get a good look at the versatility and comfort that propane delivers as an energy source.

Gold Medal Homes, a division of the R-Anell Housing Group, built the 1,760-square-foot home, which features cathedral ceilings, sliding glass doors, computer room and many other attractive amenities – including the use of propane throughout.

“When we were approached by the propane industry to partner with us this year to promote this energy source, it gave us the opportunity to inform our customers of the versatility of our industry’s products,” said Todd Griffith, North Carolina eastern regional marketing manager for R-Anell.

“Propane offers so many clear advantages as an energy source, particularly in manufactured homes,” added Kate Caskin, senior vice president of the Washington, DC-based Propane Education & Research Council. “We’re working at the local level, with manufacturers like R-Anell, the state Manufactured Housing Institute and the state Propane Gas Association, to increase the awareness and acceptance of propane.”

“Having propane featured as part of the North Carolina State Fair manufactured home display means our message will reach thousands of people in a position – whether soon or someday down the road – to make a choice about an energy source for their home,” said Caskin. “We believe that, once they see the cost savings and flexibility of propane, it’s the choice they’ll want to make.”

Manufactured homes account for one-third of all new home starts in North Carolina, making the State Fair exhibit all the more relevant and important to visitors. The manufactured home display has been a fixture at the State Fair since 1991, according to Steve Zamiara, executive director of the North Carolina Manufactured Housing Institute.

“The house has educated hundreds of thousands of people about the industry,” Zamiara said. “The most effective way to promote manufactured housing is to set up display homes like this, so that people can see how nice and affordable they are. We’ve found that the display home at the State Fair changes people’s ideas and attitudes by showing visitors what today’s manufactured home looks like.”

The North Carolina Propane Gas Association has worked closely with the home builder and state Manufactured Housing Institute to equip the display home with the full array of propane heating and cooling systems, and propane appliances.

“We calculated the cost to a potential homeowner of having propane as the energy source in this size of home and in this part of the country, versus having the home powered by electricity, and the savings are substantial,” said Jayne Simpkins, executive director of the North Carolina Propane Gas Association. “Of course, this means a great deal to people thinking of purchasing a manufactured home.”

The actual annual cost calculations, as determined by the Energy Savings Calculator (, are as follows:

Appliance      Propane House     Electric House      
Space Heating  $615.00  $643.22
Space Cooling $316.78 $316.78
Water Heating        $347.24 $596.96
Oven $58.04 $69.71
Cooktop $21.50 $69.89
Clothes Dryer  $70.03 $109.20
Fireplace   $94.04 $360.00
(wood burning)
Outdoor Grill  $16.12 $43.20
(charcoal burning)
TOTAL $1, 538.75 $2,208.96
 Total Annual Savings by Using Propane: $670.21

“We hope that this year begins a long-term presence of propane at the North Carolina State Fair,” said Caskin of the Propane Council. “For versatility, economy, comfort and performance in manufactured homes, propane is the best choice – and we’re looking forward to sharing that information with many thousands of visitors to the display home.”

The Propane Education & Research Council was authorized by the U.S. Congress with the passage of the Propane Education and Research Act signed into law on October 11, 1996. The mission of the Council is to promote the safe, efficient use of propane as a preferred energy source through investments in research, safety and consumer education initiatives.