Expedited Grant Funding Request for Industry/Public Comment

 (Deadline—COB Friday September 7, 2001. Council Review—September 18-19, 2001 – Washington, D.C.)

August 29, 2001

The following is an expedited funding request that will be taken up by the Propane Education & Research Council during its September meeting in Washington, D.C. Given the nature of an expedited funding request, the public comment period has been shortened to six (6) working days. Despite the truncated timeline associated with this expedited funding request, the proposed project below has gone through a thorough evaluation of the Safety & Training Advisory Committee (STAC). A STAC evaluation of the funding request along with any public comments received by COB September 7, 2001, will be presented to the Council for its consideration.

Docket: 10524
Applicant: Propane Education & Research Council
Short Title: Safety Compliance Communications Outreach Program
Amount Requested: $266,857.50
Total Cost: $266,857.50
Summary: In 2001, the Council funded two regulatory compliance programs that are expected to be completed and distributed, free-of-charge to every propane marketer in the United States in early 2002. The Propane Regulatory Compliance Guidebook, currently being developed by the National Propane Gas Association is designed to assist marketers to comply with federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. The Initial OSHA & DOT Training Curriculum—for the handling and transportation of hazardous materials—is being developed by JJ Keller, to assist marketers to comply with federal OSHA and DOT training requirements for employees that handle and/or transport hazardous materials.

This current funding request proposes the development of a comprehensive Safety Compliance Communications Outreach (SCCO) program that will coordinate the joint packaging and delivery of the two compliance programs to propane marketers that will increase usage and understanding of the programs.

The proposed communications outreach provisions include presentations of the materials—benefits, uses, etc.—at several national, regional and state association venues, pre-distribution postcards to inform marketers that these programs will be forthcoming and their benefits; a survey/evaluation instrument that will provide for a quantitative evaluation of the programs and marketer input on the program’s effectiveness and suggestions for future activities, i.e., seminars; trade advertising, media outreach and increased Web site development. In addition, articles in trade magazines and state PGA newsletters will serve to further spread the use and associated benefits of the two compliance programs. The proposed SCCO program will also begin a campaign of highlighting Council-funded safety initiatives that are packaged and branded in a consistent feel and recognizable manner. Copies of the actual funding request can be obtained by calling 202-452-8975 or via e-mail at stuart.flatow@propanecouncil.org. Comments (including the docket #) should be submitted in writing by no later than 5:00 PM EDT September 7, 2001 to:

Propane Education & Research Council
Attention: Public Comment
1776 K Street, N.W., Suite 204
Washington, D.C. 20006