Propane-Powered Pick-Up Makes its Debut at the Bush Ranch

August 28, 2001

Bush Propane Truck 


A group of propane industry members, with funding from the Propane Education & Research Council (Council), recently provided the President of the United States with a propane-powered Ford F-250 4-door pick-up truck for use on his Crawford, TX ranch. The vehicle is designated for use by the ranch staff and will be available for President Bush's use on his visits to the Texas ranch.

Curtis Donaldson, managing director, CleanFUEL USA, Georgetown, Texas—the company responsible for spearheading the project—delivered the truck to the Bush Ranch on August 5.

A propane fueling station has been slated for installation in early September and will serve as the fueling infrastructure for the Ford vehicle and any additional propane vehicles that become part of the ranch fleet.

Upon completion of its use on the Bush Ranch, the propane Ford pickup will be sold at an auction.

Contributing Companies:

CleanFUEL USA Infrastructure equipment/labor  
 Manchester Tank  Propane storage tank
 Northwest Propane  Conversion of truck to propane
 Bi-Phase Technology  Propane conversion kit/Technical support
 Star Tex  Infrastructure installation/coordination
 Corken Pump  Infrastructure equipment
Marconi Commerce Systems      Fuel dispenser
 Squibb-Taylor  Infrastructure technology


Why Propane?

Located in central Texas, the Bush Ranch currently uses propane as a home energy source. With propane use and propane delivery a normal feature of ranch operations, the suggestion was made that the inclusion of a propane vehicle would be a perfect fit for the ranch. Bush Ranch manager, Kenneth Englebrecht, investigated the opportunity and eventually made contact with CleanFUEL USA to begin the process that became the current Council-funded project (Docket #10458).


Propane Overview

Nearly 350,000 propane-powered vehicles are on the nation's roads today—most in vehicle fleet use. Nearly four million vehicles in 38 countries are powered by propane, making it the number one alternative motor fuel in the world. Compared to other alternative fuels, propane vehicles can go longer between fill-ups, oil changes, and engine overhauls. Propane burns clean, with 60 percent lower ozone forming emissions than reformulated gasoline.

Texas & Propane

The national front-runner in propane use, the State of Texas ranks first in its industrial production of propane, its total number of vehicles and vehicle fleets that run on propane, and the total number of propane fueling stations.

Current Texas propane vehicle statistics are as follows:

  • Propane-fueled vehicles on the road: 20,000
  • Propane-fueled school buses: 2,000
  • Public propane re-fueling stations: 1,200

The Propane Education & Research Council

The Propane Education & Research Council was authorized by the U.S. Congress with the passage of the Public Law 104-284, the Propane Education and Research Act (PERA), signed into law on October 11, 1996.

The mission of the Propane Education & Research Council is to promote the safe, efficient use of odorized propane gas as a preferred energy source. For more information about the Council, please call 202-452-8975 or visit their web site at