Propane Industry Announces National Program to Promote Expanded Use of Propane in Manufactured Housing

Exciting new communications and marketing program benefits


April 18, 2001

Las Vegas, NV-The Propane Education & Research Council (Council) today announced a national initiative promoting expanded use of propane in manufactured housing before the 2001 National Manufactured Housing Congress in Las Vegas, Nevada. Council President Roy Willis addressed more than one thousand manufactured housing industry representatives at the Opening Session of the Congress. The Council is a sponsor of the 2001 National Manufactured Housing Congress.

Willis'comments introduced 'Get Real,'  the propane industry's national program aimed at expanding propane use in manufactured housing. Willis outlined the "Get Real" program for the Congress attendees, and displayed samples of the program's advertising. The "Get Real " initiative is one element of the Council's nationwide advertising and consumer education campaign designed to promote the benefits of propane gas use throughout the country. "Millions of Americans rely on propane because it's an exceptional source of energy and comfort,"  said Willis. "It heats a home, warms the tub and dries the wash with great efficiency-giving consumers what they want to make their home a comfortable place to live."

Willis said the goal of the "Get Real" program is to increase the propane industry's 21 percent share of the manufactured housing market through a combination of industry outreach programs, advertising, public relations and consumer education initiatives. In his speech, Willis stated, "We view ourselves as a partner with the manufactured housing industry. We look forward to working closely with you, leveraging our resources, and creating true benefits for both the propane and the manufactured housing industries. "

The Council was authorized by the U.S. Congress with the passage of Public Law 104-284, the Propane Education and Research Act, signed into law on October 11, 1996. The mission of the Council is to promote the safe, efficient use of propane as a preferred energy source through investments in research, safety, and consumer education initiatives.