Propane Industry Streamlines and Focuses Engine Fuel Efforts


Washington, DC (November 2, 2004) — Responsibility for the propane industry’s engine fuel efforts is being taken on by the Engine Fuel Coordinating Committee (EFCC), which was formed by the Propane Education and Research Council at its October meeting.

The Council approved a plan on October 7 that created the EFCC.  On October 29, the Propane Vehicle Council’s Board of Directors voted to dissolve the organization, moving its non-lobbying activities into the EFCC. Former PVC Executive Director Brian Feehan, who was named EFCC’s managing director, has been charged with creating the EFCC’s structure, with the goal of having committee members working together by the Council’s December meeting.

The plan was recommended by PERC’s Engine Fuel Task Force – consisting of senior industry representatives from PVC, the Gas Processors Association, and the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA). The task force recommended the industry streamline its resources and focus its work on engine fuel programs through the new committee. The EFCC replaces the two engine fuel-based subcommittees from PERC’s Consumer Education and Research and Development Advisory Committees. PVC’s lobbying objectives will be handled by NPGA.

“This is a smart move,” said PERC President Roy Willis. “A rapidly changing marketplace requires the propane industry to adopt a new plan to recapture, retain, and expand propane's presence in the engine fuel market,”

The EFCC will undertake a comprehensive approach to the market through projects that encourage the development, commercialization, and marketing of propane-related technologies and vehicles.

“The environmental, economic, and regulatory climate is ready for market development,” Feehan said. "Now is the time for the engine fuel segment of propane to further evolve to truly grow the market."

Propane industry members interested in serving on the Engine Fuel Coordinating Committee are asked to contact Brian Feehan at (202) 452-8975 or