Public Comments Now Accepted on Proposed Ultra-Low NOx LPG Truck and Bus Engine


September 1, 2004

Comments Now Accepted on Proposed Ultra-Low NOx LPG Truck and Bus Engine

One of the Propane Education & Research Council’s top priorities is continuing to develop programs and projects to provide the research and development of clean and sufficient propane utilization equipment.

The Railroad  Commission of Texas/AFRED has submitted a funding request titled “Ultra-Low-NOx LPG Truck and Bus Engine” that offers the potential benefits to continue to enhance one of PERC’s priorities in providing research and development of propane equipment.  In cooperation with engine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Hino Diesel Trucks, AFRED and its partners propose to develop, certify, integrate, and demonstrate an ultra-low-NOx (0.2 g/bhp-hr), 260 hp, LPG version of the Hino JO8E-TB 8.0L engine that will meet 2010 EPA emissions standards. AFRED’s director of research, Dr. Steve Jaeger, P.E., will coordinate development, certification, chassis integration, and demonstration phases of the project, all of which will take place in San Antonio, Texas. Marketing and commercialization partner Clean Fuels USA will contract with Skip Miller & Associates LLC to manage OEM relations and commercialization negotiations.

Development, testing and certification will be accomplished by the Engine and Emissions Research Division of Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) in cooperation with Hino USA. After certification, chassis integration partner Rush Enterprises and field demonstration partners Northside Independent School District, and Ferrellgas will integrate prototype engines into a full-size Blue Bird school bus and a Hino 338 propane bobtail delivery truck. Each vehicle will be demonstrated for 12 months in regular revenue service with technical support from SwRI and the other project team members. CleanFuel USA, Skip Miller, and AFRED’s marketing staff will provide OEM liaison, marketing support, and coordination among early adopters, chassis OEMs, and the project technical team.

Assuming that 10 percent of new school buses in Texas and California and 10 percent of propane bobtails in the U.S. adopt the new engine, the project will produce new propane sales of 377 million gallons per year by 2009.   The total budget for this project is $1,521,360.  Click here to view full funding request.  Click here to view narrative to support funding request.

By rule, public and industry comments must be solicited for any proposed project costing $1.5 million or more.  Comments are welcome and should reach the PERC office (via fax, mail or email) before 5:00 p.m. EDT on October 3, 2004:

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