Updated Dispensing Propane Safely Program Now Available

Washington, D.C. (January 25, 2006) — The newly updated Dispensing Propane Safely program is now available to purchase through the Propane Industry Resource Catalog. The new program, developed by the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) through a Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) grant, will be made available in two format packages -- a VHS of the training program with a paper-based manual and a DVD of the training program with a CD-ROM training manual.

The original Dispensing Propane Safely program, which was developed by NPGA, consisted of a single video and user guide that included several illustrations of how to safely dispense propane in a variety of modes.

“The industry recognized a need to revise the program based on emerging technologies as well as new codes and standards that have been established since the first program was developed,” said PERC Vice President, Safety & Training Stuart Flatow. “The use of modularization now makes it easier for users to obtain the specific subjects they may want or need without having to watch an entire video, and using CD and DVD technologies provides a tremendous cost savings for the industry.”

The new program consists of training materials organized into modules that allow for customized training based on job responsibilities. The first three modules in the program apply to anyone dispensing propane and cover, including Dispenser Training Requirements, Propane Properties, Characteristics and Safety Measures, and Dispensing Equipment.

Additional modules that can be selected based on job requirements, include DOT Cylinders; Inspecting, Filling and Labeling Small Cylinders; Refueling; Maintaining and Troubleshooting Forklift Cylinders; Refueling ASME Motor Fuel and RV Tanks; and Retail Exchange Cylinder Operations.  Also included is information on Overfill Prevention Devices (OPDs) as well as forklift and grill cylinder exchange operations.

“This new program has the ability to train thousands of marketers, propane customers, and various secondary market personnel on how to safely dispense propane,” said Mike Walters, national safety training manager for AmeriGas Propane who is also the chairman of the NPGA task force responsible for developing the program and chairman of PERC’s Safety & Training Advisory Committee’s Employee Training Subcommittee. “The result will be a better-trained workforce and an industry that will deliver better service to propane customers.”

To order the Dispensing Propane Safely program through the Propane Industry Resource Catalog, visit www.propanecatalog.com or call customer service at (866) 905-1075.