PERC Searching for Dairy Farm Site for 2006 USDA Conservation Innovation Grant Program

March 15, 2006

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is searching for a dairy farm site in select states (see list at bottom of page) to serve as a project partner under the 2006 USDA Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) program.  PERC seeks a partner to work with in order to apply for federal funding.  Note that any project funds applied for through this partnership are contingent upon both USDA and PERC final approvals, prior to any implementation.

The purpose of CIG is to stimulate the adoption of innovative conservation approaches and technologies in conjunction with agricultural production.  CIG projects are expected to lead to the transfer of conservation technologies and innovative approaches to the private sector.

By leveraging federal government grant funding, PERC would source, install, monitor, and maintain a propane-fueled combined heat and power (CHP or cogeneration) unit that would provide both electricity and a heat source for the dairy farm at greater than 80% energy efficiency.

PERC is specifically seeking a dairy partner because of the opportunities this market niche provides.  Dairy production is energy intensive, requiring 167 kWh and 56 kWh, respectively, of thermal and electric energy per ton of milk produced.

As a project partner, PERC will:

  • Prepare all grant proposal documentation for the applicant (who could be either a dairy  producer or a propane marketer acting as a project partner with the farmer);
  • Provide the matching funds required under the CIG program, in the event the government awards a grant for this project, and;
  • Provide all the technical assistance necessary to successfully implement and complete the project.

Benefits for the dairy producer:

  • One or two propane CHP long-life generators installed and maintained at no cost;
  • Propane fuel provided during the entire course of the grant project;
  • Probable savings of several thousand dollars per year in heating/electricity costs;
  • Positive publicity/public relations, and;
  • Keep the generator(s) (at no cost) upon completion of the demonstration project.

PERC is currently seeking a project partner in at least one of the following states (the listed dates indicate the CIG Proposal due dates for the individual states):

New Jersey   3/27 
Texas 3/31
Rhode Island  3/31
Nebraska 4/3
Pacific Islands   4/5
Utah                    4/7
Ohio 4/14
Mississippi 4/19
New Mexico 4/19
North Dakota 4/21
Tennessee 4/28
Maine 4/28
Kansas 4/28
South Dakota 5/1
Idaho 5/15

If interested contact PERC’s Director Agriculture Programs, Mark Leitman at (202) 452-8975 or by email