Best-Selling Barbecue Author Steven Raichlen Teams Up With Propane to Promote Safe Summer Grilling

Washington, DC (March 7, 2006) – Steven Raichlen, best-selling author of The Barbecue Bible and the upcoming Raichlen on Ribs, is partnering with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) to ensure that Americans enjoy a safe grilling experience this summer.  This spring, PERC will release its top ten tips for grilling safety, while Raichlen will provide a celebrity griller’s expertise and personal perspective on safety to attract the attention of millions of consumers.   

Propane grills are the industry’s broadest and most accessible touch-point with consumers.  More than 60 percent of all homeowners own a gas grill, and that number continues to rise every year.  In fact, the typical grill owner cooks outdoors 22 times during the “barbeque season.”  The propane industry’s safe grilling campaign capitalizes on consumer interest in grilling to promote propane safety and help fulfill the industry’s duty to warn.

“Many people will fire up their propane grills for the first time this Memorial Day,” says Raichlen.  “This is the perfect opportunity to get into the habit of performing certain safety procedures.  This way, every barbecue or cookout this summer can be fun and safe.”

“We are delighted to be working with Steven – one of the world’s greatest grillers – to emphasize the need for safety,” says Walter Cressman, chairman of PERC’s Consumer Safety Education Subcommittee.  “Our grilling tips are especially relevant during the summer, and provide simple ways for grillers to enjoy a safe experience this year.”  

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