Propane Education & Research Council Launches Two New CETP E-Learning DVDs

CETP E-Learning “Propane Delivery Operations & Cylinder Delivery” and “Bobtail Delivery Operations”


 Download Propane Education & Research Council Launches Two New CETP E-Learning DVDs 

Washington, DC (July 23, 2007) – The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) announces the launch of its latest CETP E-Learning DVDs “Propane Delivery Operations & Cylinder Delivery” and “Bobtail Delivery Operations.” The Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) E-Learning DVD is an electronic learning format of the CETP books.

Modeled after the original CETP curriculum developed by the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA), CETP E-Learning delivers comprehensive content interspersed with interactive graphics, embedded videos, and computer-based learning activities designed to simulate real-life conditions.  

"CETP E-Learning is a great educational tool for the propane industry," said Mike Walters, PERC Safety & Training Advisory Committee (STAC) chairman and National Safety Training Manager of AmeriGas (Westlake, OH). "I am so proud to be a part of this process. I am also proud of PERC and the STAC volunteers for creating this new tool to help educate the industry's workforce on how to safely work with propane."

Since its inception in 1988, CETP has been the most popular training curriculum for propane industry employees.  The move to the e-learning format was overseen by PERC’s STAC, which logged thousands of volunteer hours to test the program and provide feedback on content, graphics, and computer and software capabilities.  As a result of this rigorous review process, these DVDs offer the most accurate and advanced propane safety training on the market.

”I can tell you this has to be an incredible solution to an unsolved problem” said Arnell Haws of San Juan Propane (Friday Harbor, WA). “Besides the thousands of dollars spent every year on training, it would certainly ease some of the frustration staff members feel.  Most staffers do not have flexible schedules and can not be away from their families and responsibilities for a three-day training sessions. CETP E-Learning solves the traveling problem.” 

CETP E-Learning can be used as a stand-alone training piece or coupled with traditional classroom instruction.  The DVD format includes practice quizzes at the end of each module as well as a comprehensive optional end-of-course pre-certification review that allows the user and employer to gauge the knowledge of what was learned from the entire program. It also prepares the user for the NPGA CETP certification exam, and includes a direct link to the online CETP Certification test.

CETP E-Learning also includes an optional records management system, the Safety & Training Administrative and Records System (STARS). STARS, a DVD that is sold separately from the e-learning course, allows employers to store and view employee records, as well as customize the e-learning program with company policies and logos.

“STARS is a great tool that allows marketers to really customize and tailor CETP E-Learning to their company policies and procedures,” said Walter Cressman, president of Cress Gas Co. (Richlandtown, PA). “I've successfully updated CETP E-Learning ‘Basic Principles & Practices’ using STARS, and it has really enhanced safety and training in my company.”

Both STARS and the CETP E-Learning programs are supported by a Help Desk (1-866-PERC-ELEARN) that can resolve technical questions.  Available as a “call back” service, the Help Desk is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ET).

The CETP E-Learning DVDs and STARS can be purchased through the Propane Resource Catalog ( or 866-905-1075). The DVDs require a PC computer with the following software and hardware specifications:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP Home/XP Pro
  • 256MB RAM minimum, 512MB recommended
  • Intel Pentium 4 or better processor
  • 4MB or better video card
  • 6GB free hard drive space, when installed locally
  • DVD drive
  • Adobe Flash Player

The CETP training program will still include the text books and continue to be available for purchase through the Propane Resource Catalog. STAC is currently working on updating the CETP textbooks to reflect the CETP E-Learning DVDs “Basic Principles & Practices,” “Propane Delivery Operations & Cylinder Delivery” and “Bobtail Delivery Operations.