RFD-TV to Feature New Propane Technology on January 29


 RFD-TV to Feature New Propane Technology on January 29 

Washington, D.C. (January 19, 2007) – From propane standby generators and tankless water heaters to organic weed control and flame sanitation for poultry houses, the propane industry is providing numerous innovations to farmers and others living in rural America. The propane industry through the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) invested in the development of these advancements, and on Monday, January 29, a panel of experts will share these innovations through a live show on RFD-TV at 8 p.m. EST.

Three panelists from the propane industry will inform viewers about propane-fueled technologies for consumer and agricultural use during the live broadcast. Viewers will have an opportunity to call in throughout the show to ask questions about the technologies. Video segments and additional information on a variety of propane innovations will be available at www.learnaboutpropane.com following the show.

“Propane provides a reliable and efficient fuel source for numerous applications around the home and farm,” said Roy Willis, PERC president and CEO. “With the recent development of innovations such as tankless water heaters and higher-quality standby generators, propane is adding new conveniences to life in rural America.” 

Willis will be one of the panel members on the January 29 show, and will be available to answer questions on PERC, consumer products, and the energy industry. Willis has extensive experience in the energy industry serving previously as the former senior vice president and acting president of the Independent Petroleum Association of America and an officer in the National Energy Resource Organization.

Other panel members include Agriculture Advisory Committee Chairman Robert Jacobs, vice president of retail operations at Delta Liquid Energy (Paso Robles, CA), and Research and Development Advisory Committee Chairman Stuart Weidie, president and CEO of The Blossman Companies (Ocean Springs, MS). Jacobs will report on technologies in the areas of steam weed control, cotton defoliation, poultry house sanitation, and grain bin sanitation. Weidie will discuss PERC-funded research into new applications for propane in all markets. 

“With its portability and environmental benefits, propane has been a popular energy source in the agriculture industry for many years for applications such as grain drying and heating livestock buildings,” said Jacobs. “Now, farmers have more reasons to use propane through the development of innovations like the Stinger steam weed control machine and Red Dragon poultry house sanitizer.” 

RFD-TV can be viewed on DIRECTV, DISH Network, Mediacom, and NCTC cable systems in all 50 states. RFD-TV is located on channel 379 on DIRECTV and channel 9409 on DISH Network.  Cable channels will vary by region, so contact your local provider for RFD-TV in your area.

PERC, a checkoff organization under the Department of Energy, was formed as part of the 1996 Propane Education and Research Act. The organization promotes the safe and efficient use of odorized propane.  PERC is composed of a 21-member board and five advisory committees focusing on consumer education, safety & training, research and development, engine fuel, and agriculture. 

PERC’s vision in agriculture is that, by 2010, the agricultural industry will recognize propane as a preferred energy source offering exceptional value. This value is achieved through a unique combination of product benefits, including cost-effectiveness, efficiency and productivity, reliability, portability, and environmental friendliness.

For more information on PERC and its programs to promote the safe and efficient use of propane in agriculture, call (202) 452-8975 or visit www.agpropane.com