Propane Industry Launches Continuing Education Course for Architects


 PR Propane Industry Launches Continuing Education Course for Architects 

New York, NY (July 13, 2007) — The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), the leading source of information about the safe, efficient use of propane as a preferred energy source, today launched its first online continuing education course for architects and design professionals, “Sustainable Design with Propane and Underground Propane Tanks,” to promote understanding of the energy and environmental benefits of specifying propane into building projects.

PERC is registered with the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System (AIA/CES) as a provider of continuing education content. Continuing education is mandated by most states to maintain a professional license to practice architecture, and by AIA for membership renewal. PERC courses are produced in compliance with AIA guidelines to ensure users who take their courses and earn a passing grade receive corresponding credit toward fulfillment of their annual AIA/CES requirements.

“As propane gains momentum as a design option, there is a corresponding demand for high quality education and insight about propane technology and applications,” said PERC President and CEO Roy Willis. “We are pleased to present an online continuing education resource to help architects and design professionals learn more about how to specify clean, efficient propane, and earn AIA/CES credit in the process.”

PERC’s AIA/CES online courses are produced by CS Learning Solutions, innovators in continuing education. CS Learning Solutions has pioneered numerous applications including the first game-based learning programs for AIA/CES credit and multi-course continuing education portals.

The PERC course is hosted by the Pratt Institute Center for Continuing and Professional Studies at CS Learning Solutions built and maintains the site for Pratt Institute, which is one of the nation’s largest and most prestigious universities for art, design and architecture.

“CS Learning Solutions was founded on a commitment to produce the most innovative, cost-effective solutions for professional education. From the start, our product development and delivery systems for continuing education in architecture and design were built to support the requirements of the AIA,” said company CEO Barbara Blair. “We are proud to partner with PERC to help the organization develop useful and timely professional education courses and extend its leadership as an AIA/CES provider.

About the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)
With the passing of the Propane Education and Research Act (PERA) in 1996 by Congress, the industry conducted a referendum among propane producers and marketers, who overwhelmingly approved the formation of PERC.

Through the Council, the propane industry has committed itself to a multi-year, multi-million dollar effort to improve consumer and employee safety, to fund research and development of new and more efficient propane equipment, and to expand public awareness of propane and its many uses and environmental advantages.

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About CS Learning Solutions
CS Learning Solutions, the education division of CyberStaff America, Ltd., is a developer of custom education and training programs for professional and workforce development. The company partners with clients such as the U.S. Green Building Council, Pratt Institute, McGraw-Hill Construction and CertainTeed Building Products to design, deliver and manage complete systems for initiatives ranging from product education efforts to more extensive professional certification programs. The parent company specializes in supporting IT staffing for Fortune 1000 companies. For more information, visit