2007 PROPANE Exceptional Energy Award Winners Announced at Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference and Expo

A police department, the Detroit Metro Airport executive sedan service, and a charity serving the homebound elderly are cited as exceptional commercial fleets powered by propane

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Washington, DC (April 3, 2007) – The propane industry today recognized the winners of the 2007 PROPANE  Exceptional Energy® Fleet Awards at a ceremony during the Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference and Expo in Anaheim, CA. Three fleets were recognized for exceptional propane-powered fleet applications: Meals on Wheels - Village Catering (New Boston, OH), Metro Cars, Inc. (Taylor, MI), and Winthrop Harbor Police Department (Winthrop Harbor, IL).

This year’s award winners all provide essential services for their respective locations and rely on propane for their fuel of choice. From meals on wheels for the homebound elderly and disabled to police cars patrolling the streets of Winthrop Harbor, IL – propane-powered fleets continue to meet the demands of commercial fleet managers that can’t afford to have a vehicle out of service.

“During the selection this year, we noted that each recipient honored provides critical services in their respective communities,” said Brian Feehan, managing director of engine fuel programs for the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). “We’re pleased these winners can depend on propane to meet their business demands as well as the demand of government’s goal of reducing emissions and dependence on foreign oil.”

2007 Exceptional Energy Fleet Award Winners

  • Meals on Wheels - Village Catering (New Boston, OH): Village Catering is contracted by the local government to operate the Meals on Wheels program located in southeastern Ohio. Their fleet delivers approximately 800 meals per day, six days a week. They made the move to propane in 2005, and today, 85 percent of their fleet runs on propane.
  • Metro Cars, Inc. (Taylor, MI): For more than 25 years, Metro Cars has provided Michigan and Florida with luxury transportation and premium service. Fifty percent of its 205 vehicle fleet runs on propane – this includes a fleet of 75 luxury sedans and 30 airport shuttles.
  • Winthrop Harbor Police Department (Winthrop Harbor, IL): Winthrop Harbor Police Department was recognized as a leading example of how police departments can run on propane without sacrificing performance. The department is modifying its fleet to operate on propane. The program is an ongoing joint effort between the equipment manufacturers and the police department and has secure EPA certification for various police vehicle platforms.

Approximately, 306,000 fleet automobiles in the United States are being used by law enforcement officers. Their high visibility in communities also positions them favorably for promoting environmentally friendly fuels. Although exempt from most federal alternative fuel vehicle mandates, law enforcement agencies have discovered that AFVs make economic sense in terms of performance, maintenance, and fuel cost.

 The PROPANE Exceptional Energy® Fleet Awards, sponsored by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), recognizes the achievements of on-road and off-road fleets that use propane for their vehicles and promote awareness of propane as a cost-effective, safe, and clean-burning motor fuel.

For more information about propane and propane-powered vehicles, visit www.propanecouncil.org.

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