Propane Industry Launches New and Improved Fleet Cost Calculator

Propane Industry Launches New and Improved Fleet Cost Calculator  

Washington, D.C. (Oct. 17, 2008) — The propane industry today launched the latest version of a fleet cost calculator designed to help fleet managers make a business case for using propane-fueled vehicles.

The online fleet calculator, available on the website of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) at, is now easier to use and features updated information.

“This updated online tool will help fleet operators understand how much they can save by switching from conventional fuel to propane,” said PERC Vice President Brian J. Feehan. “It will be especially useful for operators of buses, taxicabs, local delivery trucks, and other on-road fleets.”

Fleet managers and other business leaders can log on to the fleet calculator to analyze cost savings and how they’re affected by fuel prices, vehicle gas mileage, initial vehicle price, local and state rebates, and federal tax credits, which have been recently extended. The fleet calculator also allows users to estimate costs over a 10-year period, factoring in revenue from the sale of fleet vehicles.

Many propane-fueled fleet products are on the market now, including the Blue Bird Vision school bus, the Roush F-150 pickup, the General Motors 8.1-liter engine platform, and numerous aftermarket systems. These systems and other on- and off-road propane fleet products will be on display at the Propane Engine Fuel Summit in Detroit, Mich., Nov. 12–14, which will also feature special events for fleet operators. For details, visit