Propane Education & Research Council Approves Campaign to Educate Decision-Makers on Propane

Download Propane Education & Research Council Approves Campaign to Educate Decision-Makers on Propane

Washington, DC (February 14, 2008) — The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) met via an hour-long conference call on February 7, voting to approve a strategic campaign to help raise awareness among Washington, D.C., decision-makers about propane as a “green” energy source, as well as other important industry issues.

The campaign is part of the Capital Action Program, a joint communications effort with the National Propane Gas Association, and includes the annual Propane Days events. Outreach will be directed to influential audiences in Washington, D.C, including Congress, Federal agencies, think tanks, non-governmental organizations, and the media. Materials produced for the campaign can also be used by state propane associations and others to promote the benefits of propane at the state and local level.

“This is one of the most dynamic times in Congress and the White House for energy and the environment, and it’s important that propane play a part in this debate,” said PERC’s President and CEO Roy Willis. “We’ve already done the research to show that propane produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than many other fuels, and we need to make sure Washington decision-makers are aware that it’s a clean energy source available today.”

The Council also approved funding to continue the Consumer Education Partnership with States Program and API Survey, as well as a new project to further analyze the use of propane-powered flaming equipment on the farm.

The Council approved funding for the following grants:

Capital Action Program
Docket 12547 – 2008 CAP Communications Supplement, Propane Education & Research Council, $488,200

Consumer Education
Docket 12531 – 2008 Consumer Education Partnership with States Program, Propane Education & Research Council, $2,180,000

Docket 12546 – Crop Yields as Influenced by the Propane Dose, University of Nebraska, $104,324

Industry Programs
Docket 12534 – 2007 API Survey/Report, Propane Education & Research Council, $215,000

The Council will next meet March 28 in Atlanta, GA.