2008 PROPANE Exceptional Energy Award Winners Announced at Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference and Expo

Download 2008 PROPANE Exceptional Energy Award Winners Announced at Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference and Expo

Washington, DC (May 13, 2008) – The propane industry today recognized the winners of the 2008 PROPANE Exceptional Energy® Fleet Awards at a ceremony during the Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, NV. Three fleets were recognized for exceptional propane-powered fleet applications: Blackhawk Propane Company, Inc., South Beloit, IL; Denton Independent School District, Denton, TX; and Wil Fischer Companies, Springfield, MO.

This year’s award winners all provide essential service for their respective locations and rely on propane for their fuel of choice. From school buses that transport children daily to and from school to delivery trucks that supply propane to thousands of individuals and businesses – propane-powered fleets continue to meet the demands of commercial fleet managers that can’t afford to have a vehicle out of service.

“This year’s three honorees demonstrate the wide range of industries where propane can play a critical role,” said Brian Feehan, Vice President of PERC. “In a time when customer demand for safe, reliable service is at an all-time high, and at the same time energy costs are the highest they have ever been, we’re pleased these winners can depend on propane to meet all of their needs while taking steps to reduce emissions and dependence on foreign oil.”

2008 Exceptional Energy Fleet Award Winners

Private Fleet
Blackhawk Propane Company, Inc., South Beloit, IL: Blackhawk Propane is a family-owned supplier of propane to thousands of residential, farm, and industry customers on the Illinois-Wisconsin state line. Committed to propane since 1989, Blackhawk Propane has a fleet of 15 vehicles, with 14 bobtails and delivery trucks powered by propane.

Public Fleet
Denton Independent School District. Denton, TX: Located right outside of Dallas, TX, the Denton Independent School District has the 4th largest propane fleet in the state, with 77 propane-powered school buses responsible for the safe transportation of 20,870 students over 180 square miles.

Innovative Fleet
Wil Fischer Companies, Springfield, MO: For more than 40 years, Wil Fischer has been providing six counties in Missouri with Budweiser and Bacardi products. With 13 delivery routes in the winter and 15 in the summer, a fleet of 20 propane-powered vehicles help deliver more than 2 million cases every year to regional restaurants and stores.

The PROPANE Exceptional Energy® Fleet Awards, sponsored by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), recognizes the achievements of on-road and off-road fleets that use propane for their vehicles and promote awareness of propane as a cost-effective, safe, and clean-burning motor fuel.
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