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Gregg Walker
Propane Education & Research Council

Propane Council Approves 2013-2015 Strategic Plan for Growth, Safety and Training, and Industry Engagement

Council renews partnership with Gas Processors Association, National Propane Gas Association

WASHINGTON (December  20, 2012) — The Propane Education & Research Council, meeting this month in Naples, Fla., adopted the 2013-2015 Strategic Plan, which identifies business growth, safety and training, and industry engagement as the Council’s top strategic priorities. The research and development of propane-fueled products for end-users is at the heart of the Council’s business growth strategy.

To support the plan, the Council approved a comprehensive 2013 communications and market outreach program designed to promote the Council’s safety and training programs, support the widespread adoption of newly developed products that run on propane, and drive new demand for affordable, domestic, clean propane across all markets.

The outreach program promotes the safe, efficient use of newly commercialized propane-fueled equipment for diverse business sectors, including residential and commercial construction, lawn and landscape, on-road transportation, material handling, and agriculture.

“The use of propane-fueled commercial mowers, vehicles, generators, and other products is growing as customers learn of propane’s affordability, low carbon emissions, and widespread availability,” PERC President and CEO Roy Willis said. “One way they learn is by getting clear, reliable, frequent communication from us about the products we help research and develop and the safety and training programs we deliver.”

Like all of PERC’s activities, the outreach program was developed in consultation with industry leaders and the Council’s strategic communications firm.

“PERC is an industry-created, industry-funded organization, and its core strength is the propane industry leaders who volunteer their time and share the benefits of their hard-won knowledge with us as we put together programs in propane safety and training, technology development, and market outreach,” Willis said.

In other Council business last week:

• After hearing reports from Phil Squair, senior vice president of the National Propane Gas Association, and Mark Sutton, executive director of the Gas Processors Association, the Council authorized funding for its ongoing partnership with the two associations. The partnership helps PERC fulfill its statutory requirement to coordinate its activities with industry trade groups and others.

• The Council heard a report on research projects carried out by the Gas Processors Association from Dr. Karl Gerdes, chairman of the association’s research committee, and a report on code development at the National Fire Prevention Association from Bruce Swiecicki, a senior technical adviser with the National Propane Gas Association and a volunteer at NFPA.

• The Council voted to expand PERC’s Marketer Technology and Sales Training program, which trains marketers on the latest propane technology and help prepare them to introduce newly commercialized products to their customers.
During the meeting in Naples, the Council authorized funding for the following programs and projects:

Research and Technology Development

Docket 18165 — 3.7-Liter V-6 Dedicated Propane Autogas Ford Transit Fuel System, $1,675,000
Docket 16723 — 8-Liter LPG Engine — Medium-Duty Truck and Bus (Change Order), $500,000
Docket 18126 — Propane-Fueled Tractor Proof of Concept Development, $965,000
Docket 18170 — Protection from Vehicle Impact, $106,600
Docket 18213 — Fuel Sampling and Troubleshooting, $50,000
Docket 18262 — Propane Total Solution with NPS & PERC, $465,925
Docket 17262 — Propane Power Washer, $125,000
Docket 18258 — Propane Light Tower Project, $54,714
Docket 18289 — Life Cycle Costs Analysis of Propane and Electric Forklifts, $175,000

Safety and Training

Docket 18251 — Propane Autogas Service and Maintenance Garage Information Booklet, $22,900
Docket 18246 — 2013 Marketer Technology & Sales Training, $575,000
Docket 18238 — California Propane Forklift Safety Incentive Program 2013 (Non-replicated State Rebate), $75,000

Market Outreach and Training

Docket 18275 — 2013 Residential & Commercial Market Outreach, $3,000,000
Docket 18272 — 2013 Propane Autogas Market Outreach, $696,805
Docket 18273 — 2013 Off-Road Market Outreach, $994,000
Docket 18274 — 2013 Agriculture Market Outreach, $739,800
Docket 18271 — 2013 Corporate Communications, $2,384,735
Docket 18199 — Propane Mower Incentive Program, $1,242,500
Docket 18256 — Propane Farm Incentive program, $479,650

Industry Programs

Docket 18306 — 2013 Partnership Agreement between PERC, GPA, and NPGA, $1,369,500
Docket 17453 — 2012 Partnership Agreement between PERC, GPA, NPGA, $48,500
Docket 17292 — 2011-2012 Partnership with States, $67,850
Docket 18261 — Industry Outreach 2013, $286,000
Docket 18298 — 2012 API Survey and Report, $177,382
Docket 18299 — 2013 Propane Market Research Initiative, $409,580
Docket 18304 — 2013 Advisory Committee and Program Support, $497,000

The Council will next meet February 14, 2013, by conference call.

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