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Home Improvement Company Opens 37 Propane Autogas Refueling Stations to the Public in Illinois, Wisconsin

Menards expands public refueling with propane autogas

WASHINGTON (December 12, 2012) – The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) congratulated Menards today as the home improvement company expanded on a growing propane autogas infrastructure that makes propane autogas affordable and more readily available.

Menards has installed 36 public propane autogas fueling stations at store locations in Illinois and one in front of its headquarters in Eau Claire, Wis. With the addition of these 37 stations, fleets have more places where drivers can fill their tanks with American-made propane autogas, an alternative fuel that is helping fleet operators cut their operating costs and cut their carbon emissions.

The new autogas fueling stations are a collaborative effort between CleanFuel USA and Ferrellgas, a nationwide propane provider. CleanFuel USA provided the PRO2110 dispenser and 1,000-gallon tanks, and Ferrellgas provided installation services and propane for each location. Menards partnered with Icom North America to convert 140 new Ford pickup trucks to propane autogas for store operation use at the 37 Menards locations and plans to replace its fleet of lift trucks to run on propane. Its stores carry an array of propane-fueled products, including generators of various types and sizes.

“We commend Menards for making propane autogas readily available to the public by expanding on the nation’s existing infrastructure,” said Roy Willis, PERC president and CEO. “Menards has embraced public propane fueling as a solution in a variety of applications including fleet vehicles, bottle service, and propane generators. Menards has joined the ranks of companies that have seen how propane autogas can help them and their customers cut costs and slash their carbon emissions -- all while getting the job done."

Globally, propane autogas is the third most widely used transportation fuel behind gasoline and diesel. Propane autogas offers no decrease in vehicle performance and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25 percent compared with gasoline-fueled vehicles.

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