Propane Industry Means Jobs, Economic Growth for U.S. States: Study

February 29, 2012

The economic benefits that the odorized propane industry brings to each state and the nation are available in the valuable resource report “Propane Industry Impact on U.S. and State Economies” from ICF International. The report comes in two parts in the PDF format and can be downloaded from here.

Marketers and other strategists will find a wealth of information that can be used to promote the positive impact that the propane industry makes in their area. The information is easy to find and use in press releases and other communications.

Nationwide, odorized propane meant 48,535 direct jobs and another 33,974 indirect full time jobs, generating a total of $3.3 billion in wages, according to the report.

In Illinois, for example, propane contributed nearly $1.8 billion to the state’s gross domestic product, accounted for more than 1,000 direct jobs generating $49.3 million in wages. The total Illinois state odorized propane demand was 486.7 million gallons.  

The report comes with an appendix “Primary Space Heating Fuel in U.S. Households – By State and County” which offers heating-fuel statistics down to the county level.

Nationwide, there were 113,616,229 total occupied households, and 5,846,740 used bottled, tank or LP gas, according to the report. For Sangamon County in Illinois, there were 83,016 total households, and 3,347 used bottled, tank, or LP gas,

The statistics in the guide and the appendix are for the year 2009, the most recent where complete data is available.