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    Make It Easy for Fleet Managers to Switch

    With new quick-connect nozzle technology, fleet drivers simply click the nozzle into place and begin fueling as easily as they would with conventional fuels — reducing the learning curve for fleets when transitioning to propane autogas. Propane marketers can help fleets transition to propane autogas more easily by educating them on this new technology, and can even apply for the Quick-Connect Nozzle Incentive Program for assistance purchasing refueling equipment.

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    Better Our Buses with Propane Autogas Campaign

    When schools adopt propane autogas school buses, everyone — students, parents, and educators — wins. Schools can reduce fuel and maintenance costs with propane autogas buses compared with diesel, giving them the opportunity to invest those savings where it matters most — back in the classroom. Use all the resources on to educate and motivate school officials, parents, and educators about propane autogas school buses.

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    Drive Your Business with Propane Autogas

    As a propane marketer, you are in an ideal position to help fleet managers save money because your product has a proven track record of helping them cut their total cost-of-ownership. Boston Public Schools’ Fleet and Compliance Manager, Peter Crossan, estimates his district is saving $1,000 per day with propane autogas school buses. The district is now planning a complete transition to propane autogas. Share this video with potential customers.

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    Straight Talk from Fleets Using Propane Autogas

    Propane autogas is lowering total cost-of-ownership for fleets across the country. The Council’s Straight Talk testimonial videos are a comprehensive video series that explains how propane autogas is making a difference for all types of fleets. Share these videos with fleet managers so they can see professionals from school districts, companies, and services discuss the many ways propane autogas is proving to be the best value for their fleets.

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    Calculate the Cost Savings of a Propane Autogas Fleet

    Help potential customers calculate their specific upfront costs and payback period with the Propane Autogas Calculator. Use it in your conversations with fleet managers to help them see exactly how their fleet can reap long-term benefits from an investment in propane autogas. Simply input a few numbers and the calculator will show you the cost savings of propane autogas compared with gasoline or diesel.

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