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    2011 Marketer Technology Training Program Information

    The Marketer Technology Training Program (MTT): Capturing New Gallon Opportunities was launched in 2010 and has reached over 400 students to-date. The MTT is designed to support R&D efforts by enhancing marketers' understanding of applications that can help grow gallons and offset seasonal propane demand. The program is one of the components in the commercialization process—transferring the knowledge, data, and benefits to the propane marketer who can use this information to increase gallons and market share by offering new technologies and services of value to their customers.
    Marketers can benefit from in-class exercises involving real-life situations with six propane applications:
    Commercial Mowers, Irrigation Engines, and Tankless Water Heaters; and the three new modules added in 2011: Generators - Standby and Renewable Hybrid Power, On-Road Vehicles and Fleets, and Fill the Home.

    The state selects two modules of the six offered. An MTT session is typically a seven-hour event. Three hours for each module and a networking lunch in-between to facilitate dialog and further learning. (Usually 8am to 3pm; or 9am to 4pm). The ideal class size is 30 students.

    State Responsible


    PERC Responsible

    • Secure and cover costs of meeting space, screen, and audio visual package for LCD projector hook-up.  (Trainers bring their own LCD projector.)

    • Provide and cover costs of student coffee breaks and a working lunch in/near session room.

    • Promote the session to ensure participation (25 students minimum/maximum 30 per session. However, because of potential no-shows, we encourage the sates to take reservations for up to 35 students. Please note: no-shows may be charged to cover meeting materials and lunch if the number is significant. This is emphasized on the 2011 registration forms. )

    • Take participant registrations and send registration confirmations.

    • Set up and manage the registration table at the event to check in students.

    • Ensure all participant contact information is accurate and complete and provide to PERC.

    • Hand out class notebooks.

    • Send complete student database with full contact information to PERC following the training.

    • Fill out feedback survey post-program.

    • Extensive research to develop the curriculum (including some additional research done to relate program to the state or region pres-session).

    • Provide professional trainers who have developed the program and have a history of helping other businesses to increase new growth opportunities.

    • Cover the cost of the trainer’s time, travel, and hotel expenses.

    • Provide LCD projector to save on audio visual costs.

    • Provide program materials for each participating student.

    • Develop a promotional registration form for state use in promoting attendance at the session.

    • Promotion in various industry communications including PERC’s MTT website (, the PERC Update and press outreach.

     If you have any questions, or want to host a Marketer Technology Training in your state, please contact Gira Joshi by email or call at 202-452-8975.