Marketer Technology Training  Modules


     All six training modules include tips on identifying potential customers, explaining economic and environmental benefits, building relationships, and using best practices and case studies.


    Tankless Water Heaters
    Propane tankless water heaters can cost up to 60 percent less to operate than standard electric models. They can also last up to twice as long. Nearly 16 million homes have access to propane, yet only 4.1 million heat water with this clean fuel. The opportunity is worth close to 200 gallons annually per home, or roughly 1 billion gallons of propane sales potential nationwide. But the best benefit of all might be that the hot water never runs out with tankless propane units. Learn more about market opportunities for propane tankless water heaters, and how to sell them over electric storage units during this workshop.


    Commercial Mowers
    The current economy and growing emphasis on emissions reductions makes this an ideal time to reach out to cost-conscious landscape companies to educate them on the economic and environmental benefits of propane powered mowers. Commercial propane mowers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 48 percent compared with gasoline. There are 150,000 to 200,000 new commercial mowers sold each year, and manufacturers are making unprecedented efforts to grow propane’s share to 15 percent by 2015. That could translate to over 150 million gallons of propane sales each year. This workshop is designed to help you identify the opportunities for propane mowers in your community and provide selling tools to increase your summer gallons.

    Standby and Renewable Hybrid Power

    More than 500,000 customers lose electrical power in the United States every day because of severe weather and utility equipment failures. The cost of the outages can be between $80 billion and $119 billion annually. Learn how to help your customers prevent these losses with propane generators. Compare the advantages of standby generators with those of portable generators, and learn how to properly size them for residential and commercial use. Learn the profile of the customers who choose standby generators to protect the security of their homes, the average propane gallons used, and how to leverage generators as a gateway to other residential and commercial propane applications. Explore the new off-grid power generation systems that combine efficient, low-emission propane generator sets (gensets) with solar, wind, or other renewable energy sources to improve the overall reliability and affordability of renewable hybrid systems.


    On-Road Vehicles and Fleets
    More than 15 million vehicles use propane autogas worldwide. Through the industry’s investment in propane autogas technology, many new vehicle platforms are available today. Fleet managers can be assured they are buying solid products from well-known brands. Learn how to partner with manufacturers to offer a more sustainable solution for public and private fleets. Learn the latest technology developments and refueling infrastructure options, and test drive demonstration units. Understand federal, state, and local tax credits, incentives, and grants, and master the “Fuel Savings Calculator,” comparing propane autogas with gasoline using fleet managers’ specific requirements.  Propane autogas is a rapidly growing market and one that is important for our industry, fleet managers, and our environment.


    Irrigation Engines
    In many agricultural businesses, propane irrigation engines are more economical and efficient than diesel-powered engines. They offer flexibility and ultimate mobility. The new generation of larger pumps are projected to use between 6,000 and 8,000 gallons of propane each year. That’s roughly equivalent to the propane usage of 3 to 6 homes. Propane-fueled engines make up less than 10 percent of the market today, suggesting tremendous untapped opportunity. Learn how to make your agri-business customers, and your own businesses, more profitable and efficient by selling, servicing, or simply fueling irrigation engines. Propane engines can be a gateway to other propane applications like insect control systems, propane flame or steam weed control, turf production, water heaters, standby generators, forklifts, and commercial mowers.


    Fill the Home
    Propane offers measurable and marketable advantages in every room of a home, new or old. Learn to recognize your customers’ needs and understand propane’s potential to improve energy efficiency and home performance with the latest products, like fireplaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, cooktops, space heaters, and more. Research on comparative energy sources and information on appliance rebates and tax incentives will be provided. The weak economy makes this an ideal time to reach out to cost-conscious builders and homeowners to educate them on the economic and environmental benefits of propane throughout the home. You’ll learn to aim at existing propane customers as well as new ones, while using the marketing support and technical expertise of motivated manufacturing partners. Leverage current propane applications as a gateway to other indoor and outdoor propane applications.

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