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    Looking for new ways to meet customer needs year-round? This is it! The expanded PERC Marketer Technology Training program, now with six professionally developed modules, explores new propane applications that can meet customer needs while cutting operating costs, reducing carbon emissions, and helping America get closer to energy independence.

    “This program targets markets that are counter-seasonal, which will level annual loads allowing us to better utilize our equipment and fuel infrastructure. It emphasizes advantages propane has in addition to economic benefits. The mower market is an emerging market for us and we’ll definitely be able to use this program in our company."  Joe Cordill, 2009 Chairman, National Propane Gas Association, Cordill Propane Service, Winnsboro, La.

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    Which propane-fueled products are featured in 2012?

    Three new modules on new and emerging products are available this year: Fill the Home (residential appliances), Generators, and On-Road Vehicles and Fleets. They join three popular modules from 2010: Commercial Lawn Mowers, Irrigation Engines, and Tankless Water Heaters. The applications were selected based on marketability, stage of commercialization, and other factors. Click the icons to learn more.

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    “The information during your session got a lot of the dealers talking and excited about new ways to increase our propane gallons.”  Steve Miller, President, American Distributing Co., Marysville, Wash.

    Where can I take part in the training?

    The courses are free to propane marketers and include a full day of in-depth training on two of the six modules (applications selected by state hosts), lunch, and program material. Class size is limited to ensure hands-on interaction. Check the schedule and download a registration form for a session near you!

    About 800 propane industry members have been trained in 2011, and we expect even more members trained by the end of 2012.

    “The program is an absolutely intriguing way for growing gallons and growing my business. It is exciting to be on the cutting edge of developing whole new markets." Jeff Shaffer, President, Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association, and President, Shaffer's Bottled Gas, Hooversville, Pa.

    What does the training entail?

    The Marketer Technology Training program is unlike other propane industry training. The in-depth program was developed by the Propane Education & Research Council in partnership with Prime Consulting Group, a firm that specializes in training based on detailed market research and analysis. Other Prime clients include PepsiCo, Hostess Brands, GameStop, and the Milk Processor Education Program.

    State propane organizations host the training sessions and select which two modules are offered after considering market potential and interest in each state. A Marketer Technology Training session is typically a seven-hour event: three hours for one module in the morning, a networking lunch, and another three-hour module in the afternoon. Classes are limited to 30 students to ensure hands-on training and interaction.

    Another unique component of the training program is the involvement and commitment of PERC's manufacturing partners. They and their distributors provide the hands-on demonstrations that help make the program so valuable.

    “The speaker was top notch. I participated in the propane autogas presentation and he brought the materials to life in a whole new way.… He actually had a real school bus brought in for a little 'show and tell' session. This is always a great thing for a group of this size as it allows you a little stretch time and the chance to put your hands on the real deal. I loved this!”  Joe Westby, Northwest Region Vice President, Ferrellgas, Vancouver, Wash.

    How can I get a Marketer Technology Training session in my area?

    Only a limited number of Marketer Technology Training sessions are scheduled each year. Get in touch with your state propane gas association to talk about bringing Marketer Technology Training to your area. Are you with a state propane gas association? Learn more about hosting a training session

    "For the first time, I really feel like I got something out of an industry seminar because of the length and detail in this program. I picked up a lot of information and marketing tips on new applications that I had thought of in the past." Jim Head, Agri-Energy Inc., Montrose, S.D.

    Why should I invest my time in this program?

    Customers are looking for ways to save money and get greener and Marketer Technology Training can show you how to introduce them to new propane-fueled products that can help them do just that. That's good news for your customers and good news for your bottom line. Energy efficiency, conservation, and a weak economy have suppressed demand for propane in tradtional markets. Join us for PERC Marketer Technology Training and learn how to serve customers in emerging markets for clean, affordable, reliable, efficient, safe propane. 

    “The Marketer Technology Training program is just what our industry needs!  Having just attended the presentation in Portland, I came away knowing that PERC is working hard for all propane marketers, showing us how best to capture additional and incremental gallons in today’s tough market.  With the help of PERC, we can definitely get the message out that LP Gas is renewable and sustainable and has been for 100 years.”  Lloyd Pope, Vice President and Region Manager, Heritage Propane, Steilacoom, Wash.