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Marketer Technology & Sales Training 2017 Classes

Each of PERC's seven Marketer Technology and Sales Training session delivers the goods on a promising propane-powered product and offers hands-on practice on smart ways to approach clients and close the deal.


These no-cost sessions will introduce you to new applications of propane and demonstrate how to be successful in markets that offer the greatest growth potential for gallon sales throughout the year. You will also learn about incentive programs that can help you and your customers offset the higher upfront costs often associated with propane-powered equipment.

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About this product

New technology is bringing growth opportunities to propane marketers nationwide. The Council is committed to helping marketers learn about these new applications and develop sales techniques that work. Each of the Council's seven Marketer Technology and Sales Training sessions delivers the goods on a promising propane-powered product and offer hands-on practice on smart ways to approach clients and close the deal.


These informative, one-day sessions are designed to help propane marketers identify and break into new markets as well as maximize existing ones. Deliver hands-on exposure to new products, introduce your members to local equipment dealers, and let them take their new sales skills for a test drive. The flyer provides information about these no-cost sessions.

For more information, get in touch with Thomas Hopkins at 202-452-8975. The gallons are out there, especially for those who get there first. So, contact us today!


GO GREEN WITH COMMERCIAL MOWERS: Learn how to achieve sales success with landscape contractors, municipalities, and commercial mowing operations. Understand key buying factors and create a strategic plan to leverage the power of propane.


MAXIMIZE OPPORTUNITY IN RESIDENTIAL: Find out how propane offers measurable cost savings for residences. Learn sales techniques and strategic plans. Be able to understand customer needs and recommend a total propane solution, including tankless water heaters, appliances, heating, and more.


RESIDENTIAL PLUS: Have you already attended one of the MTST Sessions? Are you hungry for a more advanced experience that gives you essential knowledge and tools for success in residential? This advanced session dives deeper into the residential market to expand attendees' skills and help grow gallons.


DRIVE SALES WITH AUTOGAS: Learn more about propane autogas and how to partner with OEMs to offer a more sustainable solution for public and private fleets. See the latest technology and refueling developments and get best practice sales techniques to help you break into this exciting market.


MAKE IT GROW WITH IRRIGATION ENGINES: Learn about the economies and efficiencies of propane engines vs. diesel. Discuss best practice sales techniques, prospect and lead generation, and how to use irrigation engines as a bridge to other applications (weed control, water heaters, generators, forklifts, etc.).


BUILD YOUR SALES IN COMMERCIAL: You'll gain insight into the different types of commercial properties and the many propane applications that can benefit this market. We'll also cover the target audience by discussing the roles of commercial construction professionals and identifying important decision makers. Plus, we'll show you resources beyond this class that will help you succeed in the commercial market.


EXPAND SALES THROUGH CUSTOMER SERVICE: Cultivate sales from existing relationships by making the most of every customer service interaction. By the end of this session, you'll understand the residential market opportunity, how to identify customers' needs, and how to match those needs with the right propane solutions for a successful sale.




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This is one-day classroom session is taught by a professional sales trainer.
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Propane Marketers. These courses can be hosted by your State PGA or we will bring a class to your company if you have 10 or more staff to train.
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Sales Training