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    Propane is a cost-effective, clean, portable, high-energy fuel that can help farmers reduce costs, increase productivity, and meet increasingly stringent environmental standards. Propane can be a key solution for many agricultural operations, including waste treatment, crop drying, power generation, and space conditioning.

    Agricultural demand for propane represents 10 percent of total propane sales and helps balance propane's seasonal business cycles. The  Propane Education and Research Act  highlights the important role of propane on farms and requires PERC to devote at least five percent of its budget towards programs and projects that benefit the U.S. agricultural industry.

    PERC’s agriculture program is managed by a group of industry volunteers, the Agriculture Advisory Committee (AAC).

    The AAC focuses on the demonstration and validation of propane-related agricultural technologies in the following areas:

    Agriculture Production Applications

    Post-Harvest Processing Applications

    Engine and Power Applications

    Propane Storage and Handling

    The AAC developed the 2010 Propane Agriculture Roadmap to address the needs of the agriculture industry and expand its contributions to achieving the goals of thee PERC Strategic Plan. To pursue the goals of the strategic plan and realize the agriculture vision, the new strategic framework of the 2010 Roadmap identifies two main pathways; technology development and commercialization, and supporting activities. AAC defined a commitment to action in each of the nine focus areas across these two pathways. These commitments outline the initiatives needed to advance the PERC Strategic Plan and propane's use in agriculture.

    For more information, email staff liaison Mark Leitman at mark.leitman@propanecouncil.org.

    Agriculture Advisory Committee Roster 

    Download the Agriculture Roadmap